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Scientifically Proven Tools to Aid Our Clients

In addition to Muscle Energy Movement Stretching (MEMS), our certified team is also trained in the application of Neuro Fascial Adaptation (NFA) with the Hypervolt (a percussive massage gun). These practices help our clients reach their peak performance, relax sore, stiff muscles and improve overall mobility, circulation, and recovery time by resetting the neurological system brain-muscle connections. Here at Stretch Method, we are dedicated to using the most scientifically proven methods to aid our clients. We also use KTM (The Kinesio Taping Method®), a rehabilitative taping technique that aids in the body’s natural healing process while also restricting the body’s range of motion. You’ll be amazed at the results.

What is Muscle Energy Movement?

Our Muscle Energy Movement system is a scientifically proven method of stretching that creates a much greater result in a much shorter time than traditional static or dynamic stretching. It is called "Muscle Energy Movement" because it uses the muscular force/energy of a light contraction, followed by relaxation of that muscle before moving into a deeper stretch. This method creates results for our clients because it promotes a neurological adaptation (meaning it forces the mind/muscle connection to create an effective change) within the body. 

What is Neuro Fascial Adaptation?

Our Neurological Fascial Adaptation method is designed to use the Hypervolt percussive massage gun to break up fascial adhesions and scar tissue.  That being said, it does not work if the muscle is static (not moving). The secret to our success with this technique is that we move the muscle through the entire range of motion at the same time as applying the massage gun. This, in a very similar way to our Muscle Energy Movement, creates a neurological adaptation that can quickly create a permanent change in the range of motion and stretch capability of the muscle.

Muscle Energy Movement Stretching And More In Vancouver, BC

Sitting at a desk, sleeping in certain positions, leaning when you stand, hunching forward and looking down at your phone...almost all of us have a habit or two that we need to address. And yet, we don't make much time to stretch and remediate the effects of those habits. We are all very aware of the benefits of incorporating stretching into our regular wellness routine. Our methodology at Stretch Method, when combined and performed consistently, will improve your range of motion, help your posture, shorten your recovery time, strengthen your muscles and minimize injuries.

Did You Know That There's a Right And Wrong Way To Stretch Your Body?

At Stretch Method, we don’t just think up new ways to stretch your body until it aches (we promise). We genuinely care about your overall health and well-being. We take time to learn about your history, any current aches/pains/injuries you are dealing with, we learn what your goals are and cooperatively build a protocol to help you achieve what YOU want. After all, this is not about us...it's about us helping you accompish your goals. Your input matters at Stretch Method.

Stretching Your Body In Ways You Never Imagined

Stretch Method welcomes the opportunity to stretch your body in ways you never imagined. Together, we can develop a routine that helps increase flexibility, reduce muscle and joint pains, improve posture and decrease stress. Still interested? To learn more about what we offer or to schedule an appointment at our Vancouver clinic, we encourage you to contact us today. Here’s to a new you!

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